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The film tells the exciting story of Zoli and his rescue dog Mika.

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A young mother tells her daughter the fairytale-like story of a dog named Mika, who lived at a time when the “Trabant” was still a popular means of transportation. Zoli, a father-to-be and a tram technician, receives a young German shepherd as a surprise gift. He names the dog Mika. Zoli spends his days impatiently at work, and after his shift in the afternoon he goes to Mika to train him as a rescue dog. Then, finally, Mika can prove his skills by tracking down a missing little boy. The grateful parents ask Zoli to help more people, so he founds a rescue team. One day they learn about an earthquake in Romania. Thereupon Zoli’s team goes there together with other international rescue teams to search for survivors. When all hope has already disappeared, Mika discovers a young child in the ruins of a house. The team starts a rescue operation, which is very risky due to the unstable ruin in danger of collapsing at any moment …

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European Children's Film Award of the Saxon State Minister for Arts 2015
Robert-Adrian Pejo
Robert-Adrian Pejo
Katalin Szy
Zsolt Trill
Tamás Keresztes
Orsolya Holecsko
Oszkár Nyári
Erzsi Pasztor
Laszlo Szacsvay
Jozsef Szarvas
Albert Márkos